what is quran journaling?

December 26, 2016 | Jasmin Mohd Saad

In the past few months, I have find myself a bit “lost”. You see, I am a mother to four children all below 8 years old. So, it is definitely not boredom. I am a working mother, although I work from home, it comes with its own set of challenges, the most glaring challenge is self-discipline. I lack focus, I lack the energy and I lack passion. In everything. Everything seemed to be routine. Expected. Normal. Now that’s a problem. Perhaps unknowingly,  my mind and body is trying to “jerk” me up to remind myself that as I am approaching 40, it is time to get my priorities back in line; or set new priorities that works. Men would account this as mid-life crisis. I won’t know if there is an equal term for women at this stage.

Anyhow, as a Muslim and as life throws us curve balls over the years, I find myself turning back to God. However, saying I want to be a good Muslim is definitely not easy as it sounds. It was easy to give excuses than to commit one-self to continuous self-improvements. I have my moments of relapses, because it was easier. So, the question is, how for “lost” women like me find their “mojo” back? Everything seemed so bleak. Nothing excites me anymore. There are so many things that I wanted to do, but is limited by time. Responsibilities kept me back.

Without sounding so self-righteous, as I was browsing mindlessly through Facebook, I came across an article about “Quran Journaling”. Now that sounds something that I can reasonably do. What is it? This is supposed to be done manually; i.e. writing onto journals and not typing digitally. I thought I might give it a go. Save my soul from getting too lost and indulge in self-pity. Who knows, some of you might pick this up and I shall earn some “credit points” for it 🙂

 If the Quran is eternally valid, and if it is addressing you today, then you must take every message as something which is totally and urgently relevant to your life and concerns, whether it be a value or norm, a statement or piece of knowledge, a character or dialogue, a promise or a warning, a command or a prohibition.

 -from Way to the Quran by Khurram Murad, pages 43-44

1. Creates reverence for the Quran

For many Muslims today, especially those who have not grown up in a Muslim country, the value of the Quran as the Word of Allah may not be as strongly entrenched.They may not feel the very special connection to the Book of Allah other Muslims who have grown up learning and reciting it from childhood in a mostly Muslim environment have. The Quranic journal is a way to develop a stronger connection to the Quran by noting our reactions to it.

2. It can help the words of Allah sink in

One problem many, many Muslims in our day and age, and in our culture have is a lack of concentration. In our fast-paced culture, squeezing in time to read the Quran is sometimes hard. Those times that we do read, the words don’t seem to sink in. The Quran journal can help do that.

3. The Quranic journal is about you

The Quran is not simply a Book to be read and memorized. It is a Book to be lived. That means the deeper our understanding, and the more we connect what we learn from the Quran to our daily lives and experiences, the better we can see it as THE tool of guidance in our affairs. We will see the Quran as part of our daily life in this time. The lessons in it will not be lessons for people from centuries ago, irrelevant to us. Rather, they will be our lessons, regardless of whether we live in Karachi or Kansas.

For further reading, click here.



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